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2010 Tenth China International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition
Author:admin  Source:中国能源信息网  Posted:2009-10-9 7:33:28 PM  Click:6088

Start Time: 2010-04-21

End time: 2010-04-23

Venue: Shanghai International Exhibition Center

Contact: Moon

Contact Tel: 021-54592323

Organizers: China Society of Electrical Engineering, Shanghai, Shanghai, China Electrotechnical Society MP Exhibition Group Shanghai New Asia Trade International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

More than 40% of international exhibitors, 20% of overseas visitors

The electricity market and foreign exchange of the best platform for

The global power industry enterprises, one of the most important meeting place

Held in conjunction with: China's smart grid development strategies, and special high-voltage transmission Forum

【China】 electric power industry's top event

China International Power Electronics Exhibition "ChinaEPower" was founded in 2000, an annual fixed-held in Shanghai, it has been successfully held the Ninth, is China's largest exhibition of international power. ChinaEPower2009 A total of more than 20 countries from around the world and regions, 362 exhibiting companies, exhibition area of 14,000 square meters, held over the same period, about 20 technical seminars and workshops, attracting more than 15,000 professional visitors; show the degree of internationalization, professional quality, and service system of the audience won unanimous praise from the industry.

ChinaEPower has been committed to the power of brand name products in China and abroad to promote exchange platform and application, in the constant innovation and expand the scale at the same time, actively promote the show the process of internationalization, the proportion of overseas exhibitors and visitors each year to upgrade, many leading international manufacturers have ChinaEPower as the latest products released in China to carry out the most important marketing activities; as China's power equipment manufacturing capability of independent innovation, there will be more Chinese enterprises to make use of electrical equipment to enhance brand image ChinaEPower exhibition to expand overseas markets.

About to usher in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo event, the Tenth China International Electric Power Electrician exhibition will also be a new look reload appearance; MP Group's international network of organizations will use more overseas pavilions and foreign visitors come to visit the procurement; Show will focus on smart grid over the same period the mainstream hot spots, inviting domestic and foreign authorities co-organized the high-end Industry Forum. Currently smart grid has become the focus of attention in the global energy industry, the State Grid Corporation has announced a three-phase promoting China's strong and smart grid construction plans, the total investment is expected to Ultra 4 trillion, the plan's announcement signifies that China has joined the global electricity the reform of the wave power equipment manufacturing industry will once again inject new vigor. ChinaEPower2010 will be the supplier of electrical equipment at home and abroad should not miss a rally, but also to grasp the industry dynamics and understanding of the industry an important platform for product information.

【Review】 09 show excellent

ChinaEPower2009 the Ninth China International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition on April 23, 2009 -25 at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center successfully organized, show the scale of consecutive three-year growth rate of nearly 15%. In 2009 a total of more than 20 countries from around the world and regions, 362 exhibiting companies, foreign investment, joint ventures, more than 40%, including six national pavilions; exhibitors, including such as ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Toshiba, Hitachi, Chint , TBEA, XJ Group, the State Power South from, State Power Longyuan, SUNTEN, Ping Gao Electric, Shaanxi Baoguang, East China Electric, Long net environmental protection, Nanjing Electric Group, China EPRI and many other domestic and foreign well-known enterprises. A three-day exhibition attracted from 37 countries and regions, 15465 professional visitors, nearly 10 domestic provinces and cities in Electrical Engineering Society, Power Industry Association have visited; delegation members of the supply companies, power plants, electric power design hospital, power supplies companies, large electrical component; proportion of overseas visitors over the last up to 15.8%. The quality of professional visitors ChinaEPower2009 exhibitors alike.

Advantages and Characteristics】 【ChinaEPower2010

1.2010 years, China's largest power industry exhibition, by the power grid, the power companies fully support;

Start Time: 2010-04-21

End time: 2010-04-23

Venue: Shanghai International Exhibition Center

Contact: Moon

Contact Tel: 021-54592323

Organizers: China Society of Electrical Engineering, Shanghai, Shanghai, China Electrotechnical Society MP Exhibition Group Shanghai New Asia Trade International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

2. Organizers have a substantial and stable exhibitors and visitors, the database has accumulated a decade, intelligent data management and the ninth consecutive success of the "China International Electric Power Electrical Exhibition" strength and experience;

3. Many international well-known brands and foreign pavilions of official participation, the industry's top companies gathered, the highest degree of internationalization; a full range of effective promotion, qualified buyers and spectators from more than 30 countries and regions;

4. Very forward-looking forecast trends in high-level forum for development of the industry and professional academic report will provide the latest global trends in products and technologies to help companies to take advantage of strategic opportunities;

5. By inviting provincial and municipal power industry associations, electrical engineering industry, institutions and organizations such as tour, focused on organizing domestic power companies, power companies, power plants, Power, Electric Power Design Institute / Institute of Power Engineering Company, power supplies sector , purchasing department, environmental protection departments, as well as electrical power electrical equipment manufacturing business decision-makers and related personnel to be visited;

6.ChinaEPower has nearly 50 foreign trade with the Association / Chamber of Commerce and 20 foreign embassies and consulate contact the Chamber of Commerce and maintain cooperation; through overseas partners, the resources and networks, organizations, groups of foreign buyers visiting delegations and dignitaries exhibition, to promote technical exchange and on-site sales;

7. Actively involved in other regions of the world's relevant exhibitions and conferences, such as HANNOVERMESSE, CEPSI, IEEEPES, CIGRE, directly to their overseas counterparts to promote target audience.

Scope】 【Exhibits

Power technology and equipment: power plant, power station equipment, clean power generation technologies, power plant energy-saving environmental protection;

Transmission and distribution equipment: high-voltage switch categories: isolation switch, earthing switches, circuit breakers, fuses, automatic cut-out, switch cabinets, vacuum interrupter, load switches, combination of electrical appliances; transformer categories: amorphous transformer, dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers, transformer components; low-voltage electrical categories: circuit breakers, fuses, contactors, switchgear, relays, power distribution cabinet; Other: power cable, box-type substation, transformer, reactors, arrester, insulator, capacitors, electrical fittings, tower, etc.;

Electric Power Automation Products: power grid scheduling management, the low-voltage grid equipped with products, electrical control and automation of complete sets of equipment, distribution automation, MIS systems, power communications equipment, load control equipment, electrical integration of information technology and IT products, power electronics products and technologies;

Electrical Equipment Products: wire and cable, cable accessories, cable connectors, terminal blocks, cable branch box, insulation materials, wiring equipment, energy-saving products, power systems, electrical alloys, electrical appliances, electrical equipment, special machine tools;

Energy metering and billing: a variety of electric meter reading / remote meter reading systems, meters, switches, inductors, controller, etc.;

Electrical testing and monitoring: infrared imaging, remote monitoring systems, insulation monitoring system, cable fault location system, the power industry various types of testing and maintenance tools;

Electricity energy-saving products: low-voltage inverter high school, high school low-voltage frequency conversion technology and products, highly efficient energy-smart devices, electric saver, energy-saving controller, demand side management techniques;

Electric power construction equipment: Electric Power Construction construction equipment, pliers, broken equipment, portable short-circuit ground wire, hydraulic pliers, hydraulic torque wrenches, high pressure hydraulic tools, wire line card devices, aerial work platform.

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