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Ksh Advantage Plastic Products Overview
Author£ºadmin  Source£º±¾Õ¾  Posted£º2009-10-12 10:53:31 PM  Click£º2923
Why should I use Forbes China Products

Forbes Chinese electronic product advantages Profile

1: Forbes China the vast majority of products are nylon 66 as raw materials, some of the products using PC, PE and other raw materials.
2: Nylon 66, an operating temperature range from -30 degrees Celsius to +100 Celsius between the moment of its use of the maximum temperature of +155 degrees Celsius, so nylon material is used widely in industrial fields.
3: nylon (or other plastics), light weight, will not rust, environmental protection and thermal insulation. Therefore, can be used for food and pharmaceutical industries.
4: The Nylon has good toughness and flame-retardant properties (in line with 94ul), coupled with flexibility and excellent electrical and chemical properties of traditional materials with incomparable advantages in the industrial field is becoming increasingly indispensable.
5: nylon (polyamide) materials are rare fatty acids. So it has excellent resistance to oil, benzene, acetone, spirits and trichlorethylene properties.
6: nylon color KSH family of products is the standard color, but we can customize according to customer needs in different colors.

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