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Ksh Plastic Fastener Profile
Author£ºadmin  Source£º±¾Õ¾  Posted£º2009-10-12 11:03:48 PM  Click£º2822

        Forbes Chinese fastener enterprises in the plastics industry has a pivotal position. Forbes China has developed a plastic fasteners are: plastic screw series
Plastic nut series, screw cap series, screw mounts series, stationery buckle series, hexagonal spacing column series, nylon rivet series, the fixed buckle series of other products.
         Forbes Chinese leaders to open mainland China plastic screw products R & D gaps. Since this has already reached nearly 1,000 plastic screws.
Major development standards are:
     Metric plastic screws, American Standard plastic screws, plastic screws DIN, Japan Standard plastic screws
Main threaded plastic screw specifications:
     Metric threaded M2, M2.5, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12
     US-made threaded 2-56,4-40,6-32,8-32,10-32
Screw head types are:
     Cross pan head, slotted pan head, 11 words pan head, cross cylinder head, slotted cylinder head, internal hexagonal cylinder head,
     Cross countersunk head, slotted countersunk head, cross and semi-submerged head, slotted and semi-submerged head, outer hexagon head, slotted outer hexagonal head,
     Word slot tight set, Hexagon socket set, small plum top plastic screw head types.

       Forbes China to focus on R & D plastic screws, plastic screws out and try to explore the parameters of the standard. After nearly a year of research and development, finally May 1, 2009 to develop a third generation of plastic screws, and 5.1 after having market.
Third-generation plastic screws focus on the most important updates:
     1. For torque was improved,
     2. On the plastic screw on the head size of standardization, to make it fully consistent power granted the head size.
     3. Plastic screw thread diameter, pitch diameter, bottom diameter size to achieve standardization.
Plastic screw defects
     1. The biggest drawback is the plastic screw torque not as good as stainless steel screws,
     2. Because of the reasons for plastic shrink characteristics, temperature and humidity causes, molding cycles causes the error is too small or large size. And soft plastic materials. Therefore, measurements with the ring can not use conventional measurement.

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