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Ksh Product use and preservation instructions
Author£ºadmin  Source£º±¾Õ¾  Posted£º2009-10-12 11:05:22 PM  Click£º2996
1: the use of nylon products
   1. Shenzhen Forbes China Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. product line of basic imported plastic raw materials such as nylon.
   2. Product preservation methods and duration: nylon products in 73 ¡ã F (23 ¡ã C) and 50% RH in sealed bags stored under the product shelf life from delivery date
Starting date a year. Use immediately after opening the package.
   3. Nylon products contain more water must have the product in a very cold or very hot conditions, the use, to prevent water evaporation.
2: with the use of plastic products
   1. Shenzhen Forbes China Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. rubber products posted the basic use of U.S. imports 3M adhesive.
   2. Paste the surface must be clean, uniform and dry. Do not concrete, rough, loose surfaces.
   3. The use of the surface of dirty, you need to use detergent to wipe the surface clean install.
   4. Use caution at the end of paper will be removed, and then quickly the product into the proper place. In order to maintain full contact with the beat.
   5. Paste products are at the bottom of the size, temperature and holding pressure time of impact.
   6. The best paste adhesive application temperature of 70 ¡ã F to 100 ¡ã F (21 ¡ã C-23 ¡ã C). Try to avoid a lower temperature than this, resulting in paste is too hard, is not an effective variable moist.

Warm Tip: Use keshihua product in strict accordance with product instructions to use and preserve.

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