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PCB spacer support

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PCB spacer support

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PC board parts series introduction:

Name: PC board isolation column, circuit board spacer column, PC spacer column, aircraft frame, aircraft type isolation column, insulation sleeve.

Main role: fastening, insulation, keeping the circuit board at the same height.

When there are multiple circuit boards in the electrical device at the same time, multiple circuit boards need to be separated and insulated from each other while maintaining a certain distance for the components to be connected. Sometimes it is necessary to take into account the requirements of aesthetics, heat dissipation, etc. Due to the particularity of electrical products, there is usually a higher requirement for fire rating and environmental protection.

Common classification

According to the circuit board fastening method, it is divided into

1. Double-headed isolation column: One hole is opened on the upper and lower sides of the circuit board, and the two ends of the isolation column are respectively inserted into the hole, and the circuit board is fastened by the shape of the aircraft head.

2. Round bottom isolation column: a large hole is opened at one end, and one end is small. When the installation is completed, the isolation column is completely penetrated from the large hole, and the bottom is tightly locked on the substrate because the diameter is large, and the other end is the aircraft buckle. Tight PC board. The bottom of the isolation column is fastened to the bottom plate at one end and inserted into the PC board at one end.

3. Flat bottom isolation column: The substrate is not opened. The bottom of the isolation column is usually a hexagonal head or a threaded hole. It can be directly mounted on the fixing groove on the substrate, and the other end is fastened to the PC board by the aircraft head. Flat bottom isolation column

4. Gecko isolation column: Because the head shape is pointed like a gecko, the substrate is screwed with a threaded hole (usually 3MM), and the other end is fastened to the PC board with the aircraft head. Gecko

5. Card-type isolation column: The two-end shape is almost symmetrical, and the PC board and the substrate opening are consistent, and the PC board and the substrate are respectively fastened. Almost symmetrical structure, the same fixing method is adopted at both ends

In practical applications, according to the use of the circuit board, there are also multi-layer isolation columns and special-shaped isolation columns, which generally need to be customized according to the requirements of the engineers. The isolation column products are often injection molded using precision plastic molds.

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