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Introduction of three types of heat dissipation methods: heat-dissipating silica gel for battery pack air-cooled liquid cooling and natural convection

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Introduction of three types of heat dissipation methods: heat-dissipating silica gel for battery pack air-cooled liquid cooling and natural convection

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Thermal silica gel introduces three kinds of heat dissipation methods: battery pack air-cooled liquid cooling and natural convection. Power battery is the core of new energy vehicle battery. The role of battery separator is also very important, mainly to divide the battery positive and negative plates in a small space. Separated to prevent short circuit caused by contact between the two poles, but to ensure that ions in the electrolyte pass freely between the positive and negative electrodes. Therefore, the diaphragm becomes the core material for ensuring the safe and stable operation of the lithium ion battery.


The electrolyte is used to isolate the source of combustion. The diaphragm is to increase the heat-resistant temperature, while the sufficient heat dissipation is to lower the battery temperature and avoid excessive heat build-up. If the battery temperature rises sharply to 300 ° C, even if the separator does not melt and shrink, the electrolyte itself, the electrolyte and the positive and negative electrodes will react strongly, release the gas, form an internal high pressure and explode, so use appropriate heat dissipation method to It is important.


Power battery pack air-cooled structure heat dissipation:

1. Install a cooling fan at one end of the battery pack, and leave a venting hole at the other end to make the air accumulate between the gaps of the battery core and take away the high heat generated when the battery is working.

2. On the top and bottom of the electrode end, a heat-conducting silica gel sheet is added, so that the heat which is not easily radiated at the top and the bottom is transmitted to the metal shell through the heat-conductive silicone sheet for heat dissipation, and the high-insulation and anti-piercing performance of the heat-conductive silicone sheet on the battery pack Has a good protection.


Power battery package liquid cooling structure heat dissipation:

1. The heat of the battery core is transferred to the liquid-cooled tube through the thermal silica gel sheet, and the heat is cooled and contracted by the cooling liquid to freely circulate the heat to take away the heat, so that the temperature of the entire battery pack is unified, and the strong specific heat capacity of the coolant absorbs the battery when working. The heat causes the entire battery pack to operate at a safe temperature.

2. The thermal insulation silica gel sheet has good insulation performance and high resilience toughness, can effectively avoid the vibration and friction damage between the batteries, and the short circuit hidden danger between the batteries, is the best auxiliary material for the water cooling scheme.


Power battery pack natural convection cooling:

1. This type of battery pack has large space and good contact with air. The bare part can naturally exchange heat through the air. The bottom part can't heat the heat transfer part through the heat sink. The heat conductive silica gel fills the gap between the heat sink and the battery pack, and conducts heat and vibration. ,insulation.


2. The heating sheet solution is mostly applied to the new energy automobile market. The heat of the preheating heating sheet before starting is transferred to the battery pack through the thermal conductive silica sheet. The preheating battery and the thermal conductive silicone sheet have good thermal conductivity and insulation performance. Wear resistance, effective heat transfer and protection against wear and short circuit caused by friction between the battery pack and the heater chip.

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