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Introduction to the production of silicone keys

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Introduction to the production of silicone keys

Date of release:2020-07-29 Author:科士华 Click:

       Silicone keypad is widely used in electronic products, home appliances and other fields. In our daily life we often use remote control silicone keypad, which is made by multi-color molding, carbon particle molding, plastic injection, back screen printing, overlay screen printing, dot printing conductive, pad printing conductive, surface painting, laser laser, laser engraving, overlay masking spray, spray PV protective oil, drip glue, P+R assembly process.


  The following is an introduction to some silicone keys production process:.

   1, conductive grain keys: production and then with conductive black grain, the part of the mold need to guide suction cups ; 

     2, multi-color keys: hand-positioned glue can also be done without string color common key bottom string color mold fee more than one set of feeding tray;

   3, surface treatment: surface drip glue (also known as crystal drip glue) durable - beautiful - high cost, single key billing needs to be printed before the key to do goods fine sand spray feel oil, transparent oil, feel good, protect the printing layer more wear-resistant anti-static not easy to dust, to spray the specified color oil (spray oil process: spray oil - baked dry);

       4, translucent laser engraving keys: multi-color laser engraving needs a set of stencil supporting and printing positioning jig;

  5, screen printing keys: jig and stencil printing silk once baked a variety of text and patterns can be done with screen printing.

    Learn more about silicone keys, please pay attention to Cushion Electronics, you can also leave a message to consult, we will give you the most professional answers!

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Office Address:East of 201, No. 20-5, Jixiang 1st Road, Pingxi Community, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Factory Address:No.2 Fudong 4 Road, Dong'ao Village, Shatian Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province


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