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How to store the silicone seal?

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How to store the silicone seal?

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Silicone seal ring can not be reused, second, the sealing ring should be loaded into the groove should be careful not to deform the silicone seal ring, can be considered in the groove and O-ring sealing medium.

If the silicone seal ring is not used, try not to open the original packing to prevent the silicone seal ring from being damaged by dust or falling into the impurities on the surface of the silicone seal ring.
If silicone seals are to be preserved, try to avoid direct sunlight or placed near boilers and other high-temperature heat sources to avoid early aging of silicone seals. During the preservation process, the silicone seal is in the form of white powder, no need to worry, it will not affect the performance and service life of the silicone seal.


So how are silicone seals stored? What factors will affect the storage time of silicone seals?

1、Temperature: 5-25℃ is the ideal storage temperature. Contact with heat sources and sunlight should be avoided. Before use, the seal removed from low temperature storage should be placed in an environment of 20 ℃.

2. Humidity: The relative humidity of the warehouse should be less than 70%, avoiding too wet or too dry and no condensation.

3. Light: avoid sunlight and strong artificial light containing ultraviolet rays. UV protection bags provide the best protection. It is recommended that the windows of the warehouse be painted red or orange or film.

4. Oxygen and ozone: Silicone materials should avoid exposure to circulating air. This can be achieved by packaging, wrapping, storing in airtight containers or other appropriate methods. Ozone is harmful to most elastomers and the following equipment should be avoided in the warehouse: mercury vapor lamps, high voltage electrical equipment, etc.

5. Deformation: Rubber parts should be placed as freely as possible to avoid tension, compression or other deformation.

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Office Address:East of 201, No. 20-5, Jixiang 1st Road, Pingxi Community, Pingdi Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Factory Address:No.2 Fudong 4 Road, Dong'ao Village, Shatian Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province


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