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Study on Waterproof Performance of Thermally Packed Silicone Foam Sealing Material for Battery Pack

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Study on Waterproof Performance of Thermally Packed Silicone Foam Sealing Material for Battery Pack

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The research on the waterproof performance of thermal silica gel foam sealing materials for new energy vehicle battery packs. Under the situation of global energy shortage and climate warming, people are increasingly calling for new energy, and automobiles are used as energy consumers. It is also necessary to keep pace with the times and adapt to the needs of environmental protection. Therefore, new energy vehicles are predicted to be the final trend of future car development.

With the development of electric vehicles, battery packs are the source of power for new energy vehicles. The safety of their performance directly determines the safety of the whole machine. If the battery pack is filled with water, it will seriously affect its performance, so the structure has a higher requirement for the design of the sealing and waterproof function of the battery pack.

Thermal silica

The traditional battery pack waterproofing generally uses potting, applying sealant, on-site rubber foaming, etc., but we know that these traditional methods have many drawbacks and defects, such as the battery pack can not be repaired or the maintenance cost is high, the production process is complicated, and waterproof. Insufficient sealing performance, easy aging, etc. The waterproof structure of the foam seals designed by Zhaoke can avoid these drawbacks and defects, make the installation of the battery pack more convenient, the maintenance cost is lower, and can meet the requirements of the new energy vehicle battery pack for complex and harsh environments. . Sealing structure and principle Since the battery pack is installed in an electric vehicle with a low position and exposed to a relatively open space, it is vulnerable to rain and snow, especially in the case of a car soaking water, it must withstand a certain amount of water. Pressure, therefore, puts greater demands on the waterproof structure design of the sealing strip. The following focuses on the principle and design of the sealing of the foam sealing strip.

1. Waterproofing of foam sealing strip and contact interface, waterproof principle of silicone rubber foam sealing strip: silicone rubber sealing strip will elastically deform under pressure, so that the gap between contact interface and sealing strip is filled and rebound The force causes friction between the contact surface and the foamed sealing strip. When the sealing strip itself does not leak, when the friction force and the rebounding force are greater than the internal pressure or the external pressure of the sealed medium, the sealing material does not leak due to deformation or displacement, and vice versa.

2, the impact of silicone rubber foam material on the waterproof performance General sealing strip materials, such as ordinary solid rubber and ordinary foam materials can be used in the case of low waterproof level requirements, these materials can achieve IP45 waterproof rating. The waterproof grade is required to be higher, and the advantages of the silicone rubber foam seal are revealed. This is because silicone rubber foam is a new type of high-low temperature resistant polymer elastic material. Its biggest feature is its high temperature resistance and cold resistance. It also has excellent aging resistance (ozone, oxidation, radiation and light resistance). Weather resistant), in long-term use, has very good elastic deformation and small thickness loss.

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