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The main application of common thermal silica in the power industry

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The main application of common thermal silica in the power industry

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The main application of thermal silica in the power industry:

First, the power supply can be divided into the following categories according to different standards:

1, according to the application power size can be divided into large power supply and small power supply

2, according to the application scenario is roughly divided into: adapter, UPS power, PC power, switching power supply, communication power supply, power rectifier, LED drive lighting power supply, etc.

3, according to the internal structure upgrade process is divided into: AT power, ATX power, Micro ATX power


Second, the main application of thermal conductive materials on the power supply:

1, the main chip of the power supply: can be divided according to the power of the power chip, the main chip of the large power supply is generally required to be relatively high, such as UPS power supply, due to its powerful power supply function, the main chip must bear the working strength of the entire body, this time will Gathering a lot of heat, we need our thermal conductive material to act as a good heat transfer medium.

2. Molded wire tube: The mold wire tube is the largest heat-generating component except the main chip of the power supply. There are many types of heat-conducting materials used, such as thermal conductive silicone tape and thermal grease.

3. Transformer: Transformer is a tool for energy conversion. It shoulders the conversion of voltage, current and resistance. However, due to the special performance of the transformer, there are special requirements for the application of thermal conductive materials.

4, cooling module and PDP TV cooling module, power industry cooling module: located on the chip and heat source to be cooled, connected to the radiator or structural heat sink. The material properties of the thermal silica sheet determine its good filling effect, especially when a certain amount of compression is used, the thermal resistance is smaller, the heat conduction effect is better, and the material itself has good electrical insulation effect and shock absorption effect. Different from other thermal media materials.


Third, the application of a wide range of thermal conductive materials on the power supply:

1. Thermal grease: used in the main chip of the power supply plus heat sink (such as PC power supply), or with the thermal conductive tape to be used on the die tube. The application of the grease on the power supply is generally the middle material, TIG780 A range of thermal grease products are available to meet most power needs.


2, thermal potting and sealing glue: partial potting and integral potting, local potting will generally focus on the heat is large, and can not be replaced with other heat-conducting materials, such as the surface of the transformer is uneven and irregular, the need It is a kind of heat-conducting material that can wrap it seamlessly and can't flow freely. Potting glue is the best choice. In addition, some power supplies work outdoors. When solving heat dissipation, waterproofing and sealing will be a bigger problem. Therefore, many power supplies are now fully encapsulated, and the overall heat dissipation and sealing. With the vigorous development of the LED industry, the demand for potting adhesives for outdoor lighting will be a large market for the selection and structure of power supplies.

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