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Recommended thermal silica gel development plant analysis temperature will affect LED light decay?

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Recommended thermal silica gel development plant analysis temperature will affect LED light decay?

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The temperature analysis of the thermal conductivity material development plant will affect the LED light decay. The analysis uses dimming technology to reduce the output power, which will significantly improve the working environment of the LED lamp, extend the life of the lamp and improve the reliability. The key factor affecting the reliability of LED luminaires is temperature. Whether it is an LED driver or an LED chip, the higher the ambient temperature, the sharper the life and reliability. Figure 1 shows the relationship between LED driver power supply life and temperature. When the ambient temperature is 25 °C, the LED power supply life is up to 320,000 hours, and when the temperature rises to 60 °C, the life of the LED power supply will be shortened to only 35,000 hours.

After testing, the higher the temperature, the light decay of the LED chip is also significantly increased. The light decay of LED is closely related to its junction temperature. The so-called junction temperature is the temperature of the semiconductor PN junction. The higher the junction temperature, the earlier the LED light source has light decay, and the shorter the lifetime. If the junction temperature is 105 ° C, the LED light source with brightness reduced to 70% has a lifetime of only 10,000 hours; when the junction temperature is 95 ° C, the life of the LED light source is 20,000 hours; and when the junction temperature is reduced to 75 ° C, the lifetime can be as long as 5 In 10,000 hours, the life expectancy can be extended to 90,000 hours at 65 °C. In summary, the key to extending the life of LED light sources is to reduce the junction temperature. At present, there are thermal grease and thermal double-sided adhesive on the market, which are widely used in LED products, electronics, electrical, power modules, backlights, etc. Their thermal conductivity can meet the heat dissipation requirements for high-power LED applications, and can provide a complete heat treatment design. Program.

As the output power is reduced, the drive power supply itself will also reduce its loss, and its case temperature will also decrease. 200W LED drive power output power and shell temperature curve. When the ambient temperature is 25 ° C full load output, the case temperature is 50 ° C, and when the dimming technology is used to control the output is only 50% power, the case temperature drops to 40 ° C, the life will also double, the reliability can be increased by 25% - 40%. Traditional incandescent lamps or HIDs were unable to dim, and in the 1970s Japan's energy crisis, they used the interval lighting method to try to save energy. However, due to the uneven illumination of the road surface, the visuals of passers-by have caused problems, and public security and road traffic accidents have risen sharply. Finally, the interval lighting method has to be abandoned. The rapid development of dimming technology will bring LED lighting dimming system into a new field, so that the green environmental protection and energy-saving LED lighting application will be widely popularized and popularized.

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